Fingers, Forks, Spoons and Cups

Which is your toddler’s favorite eating tool?

Children learn the power of independence—and fine motor skills—when they use their fingers, forks, spoons and cups during meals. Help your toddler stay on the path to success with these foods:

  • Small cooked noodles
  • Small pieces of bread
  • Small pieces of soft, ripe, peeled fruit
  • Small pieces of soft-cooked vegetables
  • Small pieces of mild cheese

Consider these tips as your toddler starts to use eating utensils.

  • Evaluate readiness. Most children show interest in self-feeding as early as 6 months.
  • Expect a mess. Place a trash bag or floor mat under the highchair for easier cleaning.
  • Choose toddler-friendly utensils. Toddlers learn best with small plates and spoons. Best toddler spoons are rubber and shallow, with a short, easy-to-grip handle. Rubber plates that stay in place make your life easier.
  • Offer semi-sticky food. Toddlers become frustrated by foods that do not easily stay on their spoons. Oatmeal and sweet potatoes have sticking power.

Toddlers enjoy their journey to eating independence and success. Snap a few photos to share with them later when they are eating experts.

Which of these tips will help you and your toddler this week?

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