The Power of a Mother’s Touch

Babies crave touch. Skin-to-skin contact helps babies feel adored and loved. A mother’s comforting touch can transform her baby from fussy to calm.

Nothing substitutes a mother’s touch at feeding time. Cuddles, smiles, songs, words and smells cement feelings of trust and bonding. Touch also improves a baby’s mental and motor skills.

Skin-to-skin feedings soothe moms, too. Hormones released by touch, often called “cuddle chemicals,” guide moms to nurture babies with caresses, eye contact and sweet words. “Cuddle chemicals” also protect moms against postpartum mood disorders.

Touch, like breastmilk, is a lifelong gift. Moms teach babies lasting lessons during skin-to-skin feeding. Each snuggle deepens baby’s ability to bond throughout life.

Sometimes, touch leaves moms feeling “touched out.” Snuggles, cuddles, tugs and grabs become overwhelming. No worries. These are normal feelings. Take time to recharge when you need to reclaim your body. Rituals like these can help:

  • Daily walks
  • Long showers
  • Soothing tea
  • Deep breathing
  • Upbeat music
  • Online support groups

All humans long for touch. Cuddling your baby and whispering tender words is one of life’s greatest gifts.

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